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The two most important sales
of 19
century essay and proof material,
held in the past 20 years. Limited Supply!


The Falk Finkelburg Collection of U.S. Essays and Proofs - Hard bound $35.00 RAS, Sale no. 816, Sept. 29, 1999. This full color catalog is proving to be an invaluable reference for collectors of essays and proofs. Hardbound copy with prices realized.
As Above, softbound edition with prices realized. $25.00
plus $5 shipping.
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The "Chesapeake" Collection of U.S. Proofs and Essays MBI, Sale No. 300, Mar 14, 2006. 541 lots in full color, includes prices realized.The missing Brazer stock from 1951 was a source of this collection. $20.00 plus $5 shipping.  Click to order.

Blocks of Four - 1881-82 Re-engraved
Issues, Superb Colors, Impressions!

205P3 - 211P3 – Blocks of four Complete set of five, 1881-82 Re-engraved Issues, plate proofs on India paper, blocks of four. Superb color and impressions throughout this set.  $1,200.00 Click to order.

Check out this Striking
Indigo Plate Proof Pair!

216a – Pair

5c Indigo plate proof printed on stamp paper, full OG, LH, with PF certificate. “HHH” back stamps and signed in pencil by George Sloane, Scarce.
$1,500.00 Click to order.

A rather interesting Roosevelt die proof


30c Orange-brown Roosevelt small die proof pulled on wove paper and affixed to a portion of a Roosevelt Album page with the “1888” label. $225.00


5 and 10c plate proofs on India paper. This set is very difficult to locate
in sound condition. XF set.

Baltimore FLS with large red boxed paid

Letter datelined: “Balt 22 Dec 1842”, manuscript “5”, with blue Baltimore CDS and “PAID” cancels. there is an additional large red boxed “PAID” cancel. This has a 1994 Philatelic foundation certificate stating that it is genuine.  Ex-Bagby $300.00

We pay very competitive prices for U.S. essays, proofs, fancy cancels, 19th century covers & stamps, plus philatelic literature! Call us at (847) 462-9130 or E-Mail Us Now. We'll respond immediately.
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A Pair of #1s Cancelled in Red
on folded letter from Chicago

1 – Deep red-brown pair - Chicago

5c Deep red-brown variety tied by red grid cancels to FLS (outer leaf) with red Chicago, Nov 13th CDS and matching “10” in cog oval on cover going to the Pine Insurance Company of New York City. Docketed on back: Nov 12/47. Strong early impression, certificate mentions “right stamp with a vertical crease” which can barely be seen! Karlen census only lists six pairs on cover used from Chicago. Nice eye appeal! Ex-Saadi $875.00
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Lot 9 in the Fabulous Caspary Sale
An 1846 Cover with Signature Label

A Truly Outstanding Item Accompanied by Lot Cards from the Caspary Sale.

This cover is was featured on plate IV in Luff & Clark book on the United States Provisional, published in 1937. The summary of the provenance of this cover, which comes from the book, is written on the exhibit page. The 1990 Philatelic foundation certificate states the cover is genuine with the “additional label added after use. Comes with the lot cards from both the Caspary and Weill sales (where it realized $1,430.00 in 1989).  Ex-Bagby $1,500.00 Click to order.

An Important New York Provisional
Large Die Essay

9X1-E1 – Full size large die essay

5c Black die essay containing both the stamp image and medallion pulled on India paper and die sunk on card blotter. This is the second state of the die which shows both the “dot” in the P of postage, and the scar on the neck. In was pulled by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson in 1851. Full size examples are rare as most have been cut down. Ex-Weill & Farrington (EP88-01) $1,000.00 Click to order


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