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Special Pre-Publication Discounts on
Scott 2018 Catalogues!

US Specialized    Scott 2018 Classic Catalog

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Once again, we are offering the new Scott catalogs at prepublication prices. We have no plans to stock these. The profit margin on the Scott Catalogs is relatively small. The catalogs are made available to our clients as a service. With the ever-increasing weight of the catalogs and rising postage rates we can no longer offer them postpaid. However, we are holding the line on the catalogue cost; it will be the same as previous two years.

The Scott 2018 Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers
We will ship on October 9th!
Scott Publishing Co., 2017. 1250+ pp Soft bound. Once again, in full color. Several new articles. Scot Retail: $124.99. Our price $85.00 plus $7.00 shipping.

The Scott 2018 Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps & Covers1840-1940
We will ship on November 8th!
Scott Publishing Co., 2017. 1350+pp, Hard bound. Classic worldwide stamps in full color. HB. There is supposed to be a lot of new material in the new edition. Scott retail: $174.99. Our price: $140.00 + $7.00 shipping.

The only block known to exist
of this one-cent 1883 issue

212P4 – Unique block of four
1c Ultramarine, plate proof on card, block of four. This is the only block known to exist. With two PF certificates. Ex-Taylor (EP83-01A) $12,500.00 Click to order.

 From the Franklin D. Roosevelt
Collection: A wonderful Special Delivery Large Die Proof!

E6P1 – Franklin D. Roosevelt Large die proof
10c Ultramarine, die proof pulled on wove paper and die sunk on full size card blotter. This proof was lot number 80 in the H.R. Harmer sale of the Roosevelt collection in February 1946. At the time that Clarence Brazer wrote the essay and proof portion of the sale he was only aware of one other copy of this proof, which was the approval copy. The blue proving room number on the back is 328084. The Scott catalog does not reflect the rarity of this proof. Ex-Franklin D. Roosevelt & Markovits. (EP83-05) $3,750.00
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A RARE "Chicago Blue" Flag Cancel
158 on cover

158 – Chicago Blue “Flag” cancel
3c Green, tied by blue Chicago “Flag” cancel. Chicago, 15 Nov. 2 PM CDS accompanies, on cover with Mason & Hamlin Organ company corner card addressed to Saranac, Michigan. Cover opened along the left edge. Berg No. GEO-80. Probably the finest copy of this cancel on cover and illustrated in Chicago Postal Marking and Postal History. We have handled one other which was on a postal card. (PH83-01) $2,500.00 Click to order.

Washington Where Lincoln Ended Up!

90c Black, Washington die essay, pulled on India paper and still affixed to the original card blotter. The adopted frame but with Washington's portrait instead of Lincoln. Small spot at top right. Ex-Finkelburg (EP83-04) $4,250.00
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An Especially Attractive
Embossed Advertising Cover
With the Black Jack paying
the Drop Letter Rate

73 – Embossed advertising cover
2c Black, tied by fancy wedge cancel and paying the unsealed circular rate. Corner card is heavily embossed and then overprinted in green. Berlin & Jones produced some of the rarest used Civil War hand painted patriotic envelopes. A great collateral piece for a patriotic collector. (PH83-03) $150.00  Click to order

Highly Unusual: A Very Late
Carrier Fee Rate Use from 1865

63+65 – Last week of the carrier fee
1c Blue & 3c Rose, tied by strong strikes of a Philadelphia, Jun 24, 1863 CDS. The carrier fee ended on June 30th. A wonderful late use! (PH83-09) $150.00
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Target Cancel on 1869 JUMBO!

15c Brown & Blue, ,jumbo used copy with light "4-Ring Target" cancel, sound with a PSAG certificate with a grade of 85J. A marvelous copy! Ex-Puget Sound (FC83-02) $550.00

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