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The Set of Public Auction Catalogs from
Siegel's Fabulous Lakeshore Sales!

Lakeshore CatalogsLakeshore CatalogsLakeshore Catalogs    

The Lake Shore Essay & Proof Collection –
A series of three sales

Between February 5th, 2005 and April 30th, 2006, the firm of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. sold over six million dollars of stamps, covers, essays and proofs on behalf of a late client of mine. These three sales contained just essays and proofs and it was far and away the largest assemblage ever offered outside of the 1940s Crawford sales. The three catalogs are in full color and come with prices realized. $50.00 + $5.00 shipping via media mail   Click to order.


Albion, Michigan

Formerly in the legendary dealer
Herman Toaspern's stock in
New York City in the 1930s

63+73 - Albion, Michigan
1c Blue + 2c Black, struck with large "Paid 3" in arc cancels on domestic rate cover to Copper Hill, New Jersey. Albion, Mich. De c3 CDS accompanies. The "3" in the Paid cancel is especially large! Back stamped: "Herman Toaspern
$200.00 Click to order.

Beautiful Examples of No. 190P4 Plate
Proofs...Single & Corner Block of 4

30cent Plate Proof single30-cent plate proof corner block of four
Excellent 30-cent Banknote Plate Proofs

30c Black American card proof printing. Only 100 copies of this proof exist. We broke up the only sheet twelve years ago. Less than 12 copies remain unsold. Each copy is signed on the back and is identified by its position on the sheet. This sheet went from the Earl of Crawford to Ackerman and was acquired by Max Ohlman at the Harmer sale of the Ackerman collection in 1950. Falk Finkelburg acquired it from Ohlman. Singles $400.00, Sheet margin block $2,000.00  Click to order.

24c Red Lilac (70) used on cover to Germany
Red Lilac cover

24c Rich color, used with 1c Blue (63) and 3c Rose (65), 3c s.e. at left, tied by blue target cancels with "Cincinnati O. Sep. 22" (1866) duplex date stamp on cover to Hannover, Germany, red "N. York Br. Pkt. 7 Paid Sep. 26" credit date stamp, blue boxed "Aachen Franco" transit dates tamp, receiving backstamp, missing small part of top flap, some slight overall wear, Very Fine and colorful. $850.00 Click to order

A Beautiful Socked-In-The-Nose CDS on
this cover to the Mayor of Boston---it was formerly in
the Lichtenstein collection

To the Mayor of Boston

63 - To the Mayor of Boston.
1c Blue, tied by S-O-N Cambridge, Mass CDS to outer sheet of FLS. “Frederic Walker Lincoln Jr. (February 27, 1817 – September 12, 1898) was an American manufacturer and politician, serving as the sixteenth and eighteenth mayor of Boston, Massachusetts from 1858–1860 and 1863–1867, respectively.” Ex-Dale-Lichtenstein, Lee, & Pacetti  $450.00 Click to order



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A Unique "Victory" Die Essay...
A Major 20th Century Rarity

Victory die essay

537-E4 – Victory
3c black, die essay pulled on India paper and die sunk on card blotter. The incomplete engraving lacks shading in the border and the flags are unfinished. It contains the Bureau proving room number 936356 on the back. It is also is stamped: “Jun 25 1919”. Probably a duplicate die based on the date and no doubt unique. $3,000.00 Click to order.


 116-E2a (10C 1869)

10c Signing the Declaration, Black die essay pulled on India paper and die sunk on card blotter. There is a tinge of blue in the black ink. Very rare! Ex-Finkelburg $4,250.00 Click to order.

3-4P4 (Plate Proofs)

3-4P4 (3-4P4 Plate proofs) 5c & 10c 1847 Plate proofs on card. XF set. $500.00 Click to order

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70a - 24c Brown Lilac
on cover going to Germany

Brown Lilac cover

1c (70a). Bright shade, used with 1c Blue (63) and 3c Rose (65), latter s.e. at left, tied by target cancels, "Waynesboro Pa. Oct. 11" (ca 1865) circular CDS on buff cover to Munster, Germany, red "N. York Am. Pkt. 7 Paid Oct. 15" credit date stamp, magenta boxed "Aachen Franco" transit dates tamp (Nov. 11, an unusual delay), receiving backstamp, fresh and Very Fine, A pretty cover! $950.00
Click to order

Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia

Outer leaf of a FLS going to Poughkeepsie, New York. Nick at top and erosion spot near bottom. Ex-William “Bill” Fox $100.00  Click to order

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