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The Two Best Auction Catalogs for the Study of U.S. Essays & Proofs

For 19th Century

The Falk Finkelburg Collection of U.S. Essays and Proofs - Hard bound $35.00 RAS, Sale no. 816, Sept. 29, 1999. This full color catalog is proving to be an invaluable reference for collectors of essays and proofs. Hardbound copy with prices realized.
As Above, softbound edition with prices realized. $25.00
plus $5 shipping.
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Chesapeake Sale

The “Chesapeake” Collection of U.S. Essays & Proofs
MBI Sale no. 300, March 14th, 2006, 541 lots in full color, includes prices realized. The missing Brazer stock was the main source of this collection. $25.00. plus $5 shipping. Click to order.

Centenary of the Telegraph
Telegraph proof

924-E – Telegraph .3c Bright red-violet, die essay on wove paper and die sunk on card blotter. Lacking a few lines on the pole below the upper crossbar and in the bolts of the diagonal braces. With PF certificate. Proving room no. 70145, in black, appears on the back. $1,500.00  Click to order.

Columbian India
and Card Blocks
1 cent
230P3 – Block of four  1c Blue plate proof on India paper, sound block of four. $300.00
30 cent

 239P3 – Block of four 30c Orange-brown plate proof on India paper, sound block of four. $850.00

241P3 – Imprint block  $1.00 Salmon, plate proof on India paper, block of four with the American imprint at the left. Sound rare position piece. $1,250.00
241P3 – Imprint block  $1.00 Salmon, plate proof on India paper, block of four with the American imprint at the left. Sound rare position piece. $1,250.00

245P4 – Block of four  $5.00 Black plate proof on card block of four

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A Beaufort, South Carolina Beauty!

Beaufort,SC beauty
65 – Beaufort, S. C.
(Weiss no. F-F-168) with stamp tied by target cancel, Beaufort, Jun 18, 1862 CDS accompanies. Beaufort was occupied by Union forces shortly after the November 7, 1861 invasion of Port Royal Sound. Full cover with opening nick at top left. $175.00 Click to order.

210 Variety---Huge Block
Horizontal Laid Paper

210 Plate Block Horiz. Laid Paper

210 Variety – Horizontal laid paper
2c Red-brown, Bottom right, plate block of 12, full OG, never hinged. The labels that show through from the back of the clear sleeve and not the plate block. A stunning rare item. $2,250.00
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A Highly Unusual Wrapper
Maryland House of Delegates Wrapper

73 – Wrapper with a copy of the Journal of Maryland House of Delegates
2c Black, tied by oily black “Circle of Wedges cancel” to wrapper. “N. Browne Senate” in top right which is not some type of postal franking. Eight-page journal enclosed, dated: “Friday, January 10, 1868”. Rarely do you find wrappers with contents. $300.00  Click to order

Beautifully centered 30-Cent
1869 with "PAID" cancel on piece

30-cent 1869 on piece with PAID cancel

121 – On piece
30c Ultramarine & carmine reasonably centered stamp on piece tied by boxed “PAID” cancel, cork and manuscript cancels. Attractive copy with clean 2016 PSAG certificate. $350.00
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