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Our Own Publications


9113 Montana Territorial Postmarks By Wesley N. Shellen and Francis Dunn, 2003, 128p, Card cover. $25.00

9112 Prexie Postal History - 2003 Revised Second Edition Edited by Richard Helbock, 2003, 100p, Card cover. $25.00

011 Appletons' United States Postal Guide - October 1863 2002 Reprint, 232p, HB. Forward by Richard Graham. Contains local regulations for all major cities; including ship and train arrivals and departures, carrier service and supplementary mail service. Much of the information is not found elsewhere. $35.00 We have a few signed copies left from StampShow, please specify!

012 The Forwarding of Mail by the U.S. Post Office Department, 1792 - 2001. By Tony Wawrukiewicz, 2001, 240p+8p. color insert, HB. Over 250 illustrations enhance the 21 chapters devoted to the forwarding of all classes of mail. $39.95

013 Postmarks on Postcards By Richard Helbock, 2002, 290p, SB. Section one contains ten chapters on the postmarks found during the "Post Card Era" 1900 - 1920. The second part deals with the major ways postmarks are collected and explores ancillary and auxiliary markings. $27.50

Helbock's Post Office Series

Each volume contains an alpha listing of post offices. Includes county, dates of operation and a rarity factor. A useful series for the postal historian, post card collector or genealogist.

014 United States Post Offices Vol. 1 - The West. Contains the 11 western states + HI and AK. Helbock, 1998, 222p, SB $27.50

015 United States Post Offices Vol. 2 - The Great Plains. Contains ND, SD, NE, KS, OK & TX. Helbock, 1998, 222p, SB. $27.50

016 United States Post Offices Vol. 3 - The Upper Midwest. Contains MN, IA, WI, IL & MI. Helbock, 1999, 264p, SB $27.50

017 United States Post Offices Vol. 4 - The Northeast. Contains all of New England and NY & PA. Helbock, 2001, 288p, SB. $27.50

9106 U. S. Post Offices - Vol. 5 - The Ohio Valley. Contains OH, IN & KY Helbock, 2002, 204p, SB. $27.50

9130 United States Post Offices Vol. 6 - The Mid-Atlantic. Contains VA, WV, MD, DE, DC & NC. Helbock, 2004, 270p, SB. $27.50

9107 U.S. Doanes - Second revised Edition Helbock & Anderson, 2002, 336p, SB. $27.50

9154 United States Post Offices Vol. 7 The Lower Mississippi. Contains: MO, TN, AR, LA and MS. Helbock, 2005, 320p, SB. $27.50

9213 United States Post Offices Volume 8 The Southeast Contains: SC, GA, FL, & AL. Helbock, 2007, 224p, SB. $27.50

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