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002 The United States 1847 Issue: A Cover Census  $79.95
Alexander, 2000, 549p, HB. This work contains a detailed listing of over 13,000 covers bearing 1847 stamps, arranges by place of entry into the mail system. Illustrates about 250 covers and contains a 16 page color section. There is a discussion of 10-cent bisects, combination covers, usages to foreign destinations and fakes.

056 Ashbrook Special Service: 1951 to 1957  $600.00
Ashbrook, 658 p with 319 photos on glossy stock, Bilden reprint. Far and away the best primary source on 19th century U.S. postal history. Text covers rates, fakes, exceptional usages and much more. The Bilden reprint is as good as an original at a quarter of the cost.

057 As above, A complete photocopy of the Special Service housed in three 3-ring binders.  $150.00  

058  The Types of the U.S. One Cent of 1861 to 1857  $20.00
Ashbrook, 1922, 35p, CC. This is Ashbrook’s first work on the one-cent 1851-57 issue. Well illustrated and still useful.  

059 The Types and Plates of the U.S. One Cent 1851 to 1857  $25.00
Ashbrook, 1926, 93p, CC. The predecessor to Ashbrook’s two-volume  work. Well illustrated and still useful.  

060 The United States One Cent Stamp of 1851-57: Volumes I and II  $225.00
Ashbrook, 1938, 368p, HB. Vol. I contains the plating information, which has been updated in Neinken’s work. Vol. II contains the postal  history text not found in Neinken.

061 The United States Issue of 1869 Proceeded by Some Additional Notes on “The Premieres Gravures of 1861  $65.00
Ashbrook, 1943, 69p, CC with addendum removed. A photocopy of the addendum is supplied.

062 As above, with original addendum still bound in.  $95.00

063 As above; HB ed. with addendum removed. A photocopy of the addendum is supplied.  $85.00 

064 The United States Ten Cent Stamp of 1855 - 1857  $10.00
Ashbrook, 1936, 87p, SB. Solid, early work on the subject.  

066 Baker’s United States Classics  $50.00
Baker Brothers, 1985, 343p, HB. Classics Society reprint of their columns that appeared in Stamps magazine from 1962 to 1969. A wealth of information on classic United States; superb basic reference.

067 American Illustrated Cover Catalog  $50.00
Biddle, 1982, 259p, HB. In full color; contains P/R. The bible on illustrated advertising covers. New.

068 Early American Perforating Machines and Perforations: 1857 to 1867  $15.00
Boggs, 1954 Collectors Club of New York reprint from the CCP,33p, CC. Superb treatise on the experiments and introduction of perforating stamps here in the United States with the  1857 issue.

068A As above, 1982 Unitrade reprint of the same title, but in a smaller format.  $7.50

069 Robert Morris: Postmaster of New York  $100.00
Boggs, 1960, 206p, HB. Deluxe edition with slipcase. Autographed. Superb insight into the early workings of the New York Post Office.

070 Ten Decades Ago: 1840 to 1850  $25.00
Boggs, 1949, 100p, CC. A study of the work of Rawdon, Wright, Hatch and Edson of New York City.

071 The 1847 Issue of United States Stamps  $35.00
Brookman, 1942, 77p, C.C. Thorough examination of the issue.

072 United States Postage Stamps of the 19th Century 
Brookman, 1947, first edition, 2 volumes, HB. This was Lester Brookman's first complete work on classic U.S. stamps. It was replaced by the three volume, expanded edition in 1966.

073 As above, Brookman, 1966; 3 volume edition; HB.  $150.00
Still the bible on classic U.S.
In beautiful condition.  

074 As above, Brookman, 1989, Phillips reprint edition, 3 volume edition, HB.  Now out of print. $135.00

075 Notes on the Grilled Issues of the United States  $25.00
Brookman, 1942, 72p, CC.     

076 Mal Brown’s 9X1 Files  $500.00 + FedEx ground shipping.
A file storage box filled with article clippings on the New York Postmaster Provisional. Includes articles, auction records, all of the monographs written about the NYPM and includes a copy of the most recent book by Stanley M. Piller. It would take a lifetime to duplicate these records. A once in a lifetime opportunity. If interested, please call and we will be happy to go through the contents with you.

083 The 3-Cent Stamp of the United States: 1851 to 1857 Issue  $25.00
Chase, 1909, 72 p, CC. Dr. Chase's first work on the 3-cent 1851-57 issue.

084 As above, Chase, 1929, 369p, HB. This is the second revised edition.  $75.00

085 As above, Chase, 1942, 374p, HB. Regular deluxe edition. This is the third revised edition and the one most students want.  $125.00

087 The Universal Postal Union  $25.00
Codding, Jr., 1964, 285p, HB. A fascinating look at the development and history of the U.P.U.

087A  The Postal History of The Powell Bros. Livestock Emporium
Cohen, 2007, 48p, SB. If you collect postal history you have undoubtedly encountered covers from the Powell brother’s correspondence. Norman has collected this correspondence for the past ten years. He brings to life the Powell brothers story. Well researched and illustrated in color, an enjoyable read. $20.00

088 Cancellations and Killers of the Banknote Period: 1870 to 1894  $49.50
Cole, 1995, 360p, HB with dust jacket. Reproduces over 5,000 tracings and killers of the banknote period. Illustrates 140 covers. Each item has an assigned rarity factor. Also of interest is the comprehensive town index arranged by state. New.

089 The Blackjacks of 1863 to 1867  $150.00       
Cole, 1950; 121 p; CC First and best of the blackjack books; scarce.

090 U.S. 1887 3c Vermillion $ 20.00
Davis, 1922, 22p, CC. Still the definitive work on the subject.

091 The U.S. One-Cent Issue of 1861  $60.00
Evans, 1997, 418p, HB. The definitive work on the historic one-cent 1861 issue. Hundreds of fine illustrations. Don Evans weaves a fascinating story taking you through the design, production and myriad uses. All of the great pieces are described and illustrated including the famous “Z” Grill (No. 85A). Destined to be one of the great 19th century studies.

092 As above, SB.  This edition is sold out, however we still have some new copies.  $40.00

9159 The United States Five Cent Stamp of 1856  $55.00
Richard C. Frajola & Frederick R. Mayer, 2005, 165p, HB. Now out of print, however we have new copies available. 

093 Goodwin’s Specialized United States  $20.00
Goodwin, 1912 1st ed., 68p, SB. Solid intermediate text and line illustrations.

094 United States Postal History Sampler  $15.00
Graham, 1992, 186p, SB. 15 chapters packed with information on many diverse topics of U.S. postal history. Gambit includes: domestic letter rates, machine cancels, special rate services, ship letters, APO, free mails & more.

098 A Forerunner of the ‘47’s  $5.00
Hatcher, 1947, 8p, CC. A brief historical account of the New York postmasters stamp of 1845. Prepared for CIPEX, useful.

099 The Types and Varieties of the United States Ten Cent Issues of 1855-59  $5.00
Hesly & Diamond, circa 1960, 12p, CC. Superb booklet.

100 The United States Five Cent Stamps of 1856 to 1861  $200.00
Hill, 1955, 78p, HB. This was the definitive work on the issue. Scarce title.

101 The Standard Catalogue of Encased Postage Stamps  $25.00
Hodder & Bowers, 1989, 191p, HB. Well-written and illustrated text about the history and various types of encased postage. 

102 United States Mail and Post Office Assistant: 1860 to 1872  $295.00
Holbrook, 1975 Collector’s Club of Chicago reprint, 577p, 2 vols. with slipcase, limited to 300 sets. Wealth of rate, schedule, and regulation information.

103 The United States Stamp: 1847 to 1869  $125.00
lshikawa, 1981, 144p, HB. Full-color representation of the magnificent lshikawa collection as it existed in late 1980.

104 The United States One Cent Issues of 1851 to 1857  $5.00
Kenworthy & Diamond, 24p, CC. Superb illustrations.

105 The Harry F. Allen Collection of Blackjacks  $50.00
Lane, 1969, 148p, HB. Well illustrated. Superbly written treatise on all aspects of the Blackjack stamp from design through production.

107 Centennial Exposition of the 1851 to 1857 Issue  $15.00
Lidman, editor, 1951, 174p, SB. Vol. III, No. 3. Contains official program for first convention of 3 1851-57 in it; also 14 superb articles on the issues.

108 U.S. Perforation Centennial 1857-1957 $ 15.00
Lidman, editor; 1957; 232 p; SB. Contains official program for the convention and 22 scholarly articles on the perforated issues.

113 U S. Stamp Facts — 19th Century  $15.00
Various, 1999, 257p, SB. Covers Scott nos. 1 - 293. Each catalog number has information covering the designer, engraver, plate arrangement, plate nos., varieties, quantity  issued, largest recorded multiple, EKUs, most typical use and est. surviving covers. New.

114 ‘American Postal Markings’ From Colonial Times to the 1850’s  $35.00
Lounsberry & Doubleday, 1982, 144p, HB. "The un-exhibited exhibit of Royden H. Lounsberry". Superb markings in full color.

115 Postal Stamps of the U.S. - Part I - Postmasters’ Provisionals  $95.00
Luff & Clark, 1937, 70p plus fifteen plates in pocket, HB.

116 The Postage Stamps of the United States  $125.00
Luff, 1902 edition,  417p, HB. First in-depth study of our nation’s postage stamps. Tight binding; some wear on spine & title plate; still solid, usable copy.

117 As above, 1973 Gossip reprint edition which is illustrated.  $75.00

118 The New York Postmasters’ Provisional  $40.00
MacGuffin, 1936, 26p, CC. Illustrated handbook and plating study.

119 American Philatelic Miscellany $50.00
Introduced and arranged by Susan McDonald, 1978 Quarterman reprint, 569p, HB. It contains all of the U.S. articles found in the 20 volume Stamp Specialist.

120 The New Haven Provisional Envelope  $15.00
Means, 1932, 51p, CC. A great little history of the original and reprint envelopes.

121 United States Postage Stamps: 1847 to 1869  $30.00
Melville, 1909 first edition, 71p, SB with oversized PC. Well illustrated. Cover faults to be expected.

122 As above, third edition. Cover faults to be expected.  $15.00

123 United States Postage Stamps: 1870 to 1893  $20.00
Melville, 1910, 55p, SB with oversized PC. Well illustrated. Cover faults to be expected.

124 United States Postage Stamps: 1894 to 1910  $20.00
Melville, 1910, 76p, SB with oversized PC. Well illustrated and includes an interesting section on coil and private coil production. Cover faults to be expected.

125 Micarelli Identification Guide to U.S. Stamps - Regular Issues: 1847 - 1934   $37.50
Micarelli; 2006 new revised edition; 162p, SB. Best edition; well laid out, now in full color, and easy to use. A must for the serious student or collector.

126 Express Mail of 1836 to 1839  $ 65.00
Milgram, 1977, 214p, HB. Deluxe edition with slipcase. A thorough examination of express mail during the stampless period.

128 Abraham Lincoln Illustrated Envelopes and Letter Paper  $25.00
Milgram, 1984, 272p, HB. Profusely illustrated.

129 Presidential Campaign Illustrated Envelopes and Letter Paper: 1840-72  $42.50
Milgram, 1995, 263p, HB. Over 400 illustrations. This is the companion to the above title.

130 U.S. Registered Mail 1845-1870  $60.00
Milgram, 1999, 181p, HB. The first book dedicated to this subject. Discusses the evolution of the service. There is an extensive catalog section, featuring 150 covers, which discusses markings and rarity factors. HB edition is now out of print.

131 The Trans-Mississippi Issue of 1898 $50.00
Neil & Rosenthal, 1997, 168p, HB. The seminal work on all aspects of the Trans-Mississippi issue.

134 United States One Cent Stamp of 1851 to 1857  $175.00
Neinken, 1972, 552p, HB. The seminal work on the one-cent 1851-57 issue, from design through production. Includes plating.

135 As above, but deluxe edition with slipcase.  $235.00

136 The United States Ten Cent Stamp of 1855 to 1857  $35.00
Neinken, 1960, 252p, HB. The best work on the issue.

137 The 1851 to 1857 Twelve Cent Stamp  $85.00
Neinken, 1964, 74p, CC. The definitive work on the issue. Well illustrated; includes plating charts. Scarce title.

140 United States 1857 to 1860 Issues  $35.00
Perry, circa 1910, 63p, PB. Scholarly written monograph with types illustrated. Part of the Severn-Wylie-Jewett series; booklet No. 39.

9193 The 1851 Issue of United States Stamps: A Sesquicentennial Retrospective  $125.00
Edited by Charles Peterson & Hubert Skinner, 2006, 378p, HB. A compilation of many news articles of the various issues of the 1851 issue. Out of print.

141 The New York Postmaster’s Provisional  $85.00
Piller, 1991, 127p, HB. The most accurate work done on the subject. Superb text and illustrations throughout. New.

142 A Catalog of Telegraph Message Covers  $20.00
Rapp, 1978, 77p, CC, Well illustrated list of 19th century telegraph covers.

144 Classic United States Imperforate Stamps  $20.00
Rose, 1990, 95p,  SB. Good introductory reference to 1847 and the 1851 to 1857 imperforate issues. Lots of illustrations. Out of Print

145 As above, HB edition.  $45.00

9174 The First Perforated Issues of the United States  $37.50
Rose, 2005, 156p, HB. Picks up where his work on the classic imperforate stamps leaves off. It covers in detail the perforated issues of 1857 - 1860.

146 United States Postage Stamps of 1869   $15.00
Rose, 1996, 191p, SB. The definitive work on the 1869 issue. It covers every aspect of the issue: production, essays, proofs, stamps, cancellations and postal history. Well illustrated; excellent biography.

148 The 1869 Issue on Cover: Census and Analysis  $70.00
Rose & Searing, editors, 1986, 223p, HB. A great census of covers that exist for the 1968 issue.

149 As above, deluxe 1/4 leather edition.   $125.00

150 The 1976 to 1977 Registers  $25.00
1869 P.R.A., 1976-77, 2 vols., total 208 pages, punched for 3-ring binder. Articles (26 total) on all phases of 1869 issue - production, usages & postal history.

151 The 1978 Register  $15.00
1869 P.R.A., 1979, 114p, HB. Eight articles appear on the stamps and postal history of the 1869 issue.

152 The 1982 Register  $20.00
1869 P.R.A., 1983, 124p, HB. A collection of five superb articles on various aspects of 1869 postal history.

153 The Seven Cent Vermillion United States: 1871 to 1873 Issue  $15.00
Sampson, 16p, CC. Excellent and concise work.

154 United States Postage Stamps Illustrated and Identified  $15.00
Scott Stamp & Coin Co., Ltd., publisher, 1939, 85 p; CC. Handy, well- illustrated reference manual; still extremely useful after over 55 years.

155 Priced Catalog of the Three Cent Stamp of the United States 1851 to  1860 Issue: It’s Varieties and Postal Use  $17.50
Simpson, 1944, 31p and cover, stapled. Insightful text on the issues, including plate varieties, color and markings and pricing guide. This is a quality, modern production of a mimeographed original.

156 Encased Postage Stamps - United States and Foreign  $5.00
Slabaugh, 1967, 33p, CC. Informative, illustrated work.  

159 United States Letter Rates to Foreign Destinations: 1847 to GPU-UPU  $37.50
Starnes, 1990, 176p;,HB. The new edition with updated listings for over 30 countries and there are six new appendices. Some 55 cover photos have been added; a must for the postal history collector.

161 History of the “Free Franking” of the Mail In the United States  $150.00
Stern, 1936, 263p, HB plus the two supplements which had appeared as part of the Collector’s Club Philatelist.

162 United States Grills and Notes on the Grilled Issues of the U.S.  $30.00
Stevenson & Brookman, A 1980 Triad reprint of these two great works with a special introduction by noted grill expert, William Herzog, 87p, Card cover. This work brings together under one cover the first two major pamphlets on the grilled stamps of the U.S.

163 United States Grills  $25.00
Stevenson, circa 1920, 15p, CC. The first work devoted to grill issues.

164 The History of Postage Stamps of the United States  $150.00
Tiffany, 1887. 272p, HB. First great, authoritative work on classic U.S.

165 United States Twelve Cents Issue: 1851 to 1857  $20.00
Tracy & Ashbrook,  1926, 23p, CC. Well illustrated look at the types and varieties of this issue.

166 Sloane’s Column  $50.00
Turner, 1961, 467p, HB. First edition printed on coated stock, which makes for better quality reproduction of photos & drawings over the reprint. A compilation of George B. Sloane’s columns from Stamps magazine and arranged by topic. Great reading and reference; strong in locals, possessions and 19th and early 20th century United States

167 Turner, 1980 second printing. Now out of print.  $40.00

168 The Universal Postal Union Members and Stamps: 1874 to 1974  $40.00
Tyrell, 1974, 354p, HB. Solid text which discusses the evolution of the union; listing of members by admission date.

169 Postage Stamps of the United States  $30.00
Waterhouse, 1916, 115p, HB. Descriptive, illustrated catalog.

171 The United States Fifteen Cent Stamp of 1870 to 1890  $35.00
Weiss, Jr., 1995, 97p, SB. An excellent study which includes historical background, essays, proofs, experimental stamps, cancellations & domestic and foreign usages on cover. A good reference for anyone doing a single issue collection or exhibit.

173 The United States Three Cent Green: 1870 to 1887  $15.00
Wiley, 1915 second edition, 26p, CC. Still the basic resource for the study of the 3-cent bank note issues.

174 United States Two Cent Red-Brown of 1883 to 1887 - 2 Volumes  $50.00
Willard, 1970, 328p total, HB. The definitive banknote work. Volume 2 contains much information on banknote period cancellations.

The following are U.S. Philatelic Classics Society exhibition photocopies:

174A One Cent 1861 Issue Evolution and Varieties – The Bert Christian Collection $15.00

174B U.S. 1861-68 Parts 1 & 2 – The William K. Herzog Collection $30.00


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