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Unusual Stamps & Fancy Cancels


                                Page Last Updated  2-22-2018

Unusual Stamps and Fancy Cancels

1847 Issue

Image 1 – 7 Bar blue grid
5c Red brown, sharp impression, four margins, with S-O-N dark blue seven bar grid cancel with PF certificate. $350.00


1851-57 Issue

11 – Blue PAID
3c Dull red with four ample margins, strong strike of blue “PAID”, tiny pinpoint hole opposite lower left rosette. Great eye appeal! $75.00

1861-68 Issue

63 – Blue grid
1c Blue with near perfect centering, sound, blue rimless grid cancel. With clean PFC. A marvelous stamp! $150.00

63 – S-O-N revenue cancel
1c Blue S-O-N strike of "Housatonic Rail Road Co. Aug. 31, 1865" circular datestamp, choice well-centered with rich color, Very Fine. Probably used as a revenue stamp. Ex-Diamond $600.00

63 – Scarce used block of four
1c Blue used block of four with target cancels, centering is just F-VF which is typical for surviving blocks. The internal perforations are solid. One of the more difficult used blocks to acquire from the 1861 issue. Ex-Diamond $500.00

63 – Scarce used block of four with blue target cancels
1c Blue used block of four with blue target cancels and indistinct CDS. Typical centering for a used one-cent block. The internal perforations are solid. One of the more difficult used blocks to acquire from the 1861 issue. Ex-Born $500.00

63 – Pair on piece with GB three pence
1c Blue vertical pair tied by New-York CDS and Great Britain three pence stamp tied by London (1862) duplex CDS on piece with numeral “2”. A onetime it was a hellava cover. Ex-Diamond $275.00

63 – Strip of four
1c Blue strip of four with four strikes of Boston boxed “PAID” cancel. Very nice centering for a strip, perforations sensibly reinforced, a very attractive piece $300.00

63 – Cincinnati & Louisville Mail Route
1c Blue vertical strip of three on piece with two strikes of the Cincinnati & Louisville Mail Route steamboat cancel (Rarity 8 – 4 t0 6 known in 1979 in Alexander) Ex-Diamond $350.00

63 – Strip of six on piece
1c Blue left sheet margin strip of six struck with light black target cancels. This strip was probably used to pay a double rate. Stunning piece! $500.00

Image 69 - San Francisco Cog
12c Black, 100% strike, type 2 cog wheel, two shorter perfs, S/E GE-P30. $75.00

Image 69 – Geometric star
12c Black, 90% strike of star in geometric cancel, S/E SFE 41. $50.00

Image 73 – Blue NYC
2c Black, S/E GE-E 87 $100.00

73 – With “Chop” type cancel
2c Black well centered for the issue (design clears perforations on all four sides), tiny corner crease. With PF certificate which declines opinion as to whether or not it is a Japanese “chop” cancel. $95.00

Image 76 – Negative star
5c Brown, bold 95% strike. $75.00

Image 76 – San Francisco cog
5c Brown, 100% strike, type 2 cog wheel. $75.00

Image 76 – NYC Fancy
5c Brown, with NYC fancy (second state) S/E GE-P 39a. With PFC $125.00

76 with manuscript revenue cancel
A wonderful top row copy with a manuscript "R. C., Feby 8, 1684" cancel. This copy obviously came off a document that required a revenue stamp. $125.00

Image 78 – NYC Fancy
24c Lilac, NYC fancy, S/E GE-P 39. $200.00

Image 87 – “E” grill – Blue wedges
2c Black, 90% strike.

Image 87 “E” grill – Blue
2c Black, large dot in circle. $50.00

Image 88 – “E” grill – Clover
3c Rose, full strike. $75.00

Image 93 “F” grill – Cork
2c Black, virtually complete strike of blue quarter cork cancel.

Image 94 – “F” grill - Negative star
3c Rose, full strike. $35.00

Image 94 – “F” grill – Clover
3c Rose, full strike.

1869 Issue

Image 114 – Negative U.S.
3c Ultramarine, nice strike. $100.00

Image 114 – Heart
3c Ultramarine, bold full strike. $125.00

Image 114 - Masonic triangle
3c Ultramarine, bold full strike. $75.00

Image 116 – Negative star
10c Yellow, bold 95% strike. $125.00

121 – On piece
30c Ultramarine & carmine reasonably centered stamp on piece tied by boxed “PAID” cancel, cork and manuscript cancels. Attractive copy with clean 2016 PSAG certificate. $350.00
121 – Black “cross” and red transit cancels
30c Ultramarine & carmine well centered, great color, with 95% strike of black “cross” cancel and portion of additional red transit marking.2016 PSAG certificate mentions “light horizontal crease at top”. Marvelous exhibit copy.  $300.00


Large Bank Note Issues

137 – Full strike of Chicago blue “Flag” cancel
6c Carmine, “I” grill, top row copy with imprint capture (National Bank) and 100% strike of a very rare blue Chicago “Flag” cancel (Cole FL-18). PF certificate mention a very very “tiny tear at right in fourth perf hole down”. Certainly negligible on this incredible stamp. One of the rarest Chicago blue cancel in existence. $2,375.00

Image 147 - Geometric
3c Green, virtual full strike.

Image 147 – Chicago
3c Green, with Chicago “Blue” but in black.

Image 148 – Cross
6c Carmine, bold 99% strike.

Image 148 – Chicago shield
6c Carmine, Chicago “blue”. $50.00

152 250
15c Bright orange, used with fancy cork cancel. APEX certificate
mentions nibbed perforations at the lower right.

Image 156 –Black
1c Ultramarine, tracks type cancel. $35.00

Image 158 - Blue cancel
3c Green, with thin. $50.00

Image 158 – Blue negative square
3c Green, full strike. $25.00

Image 158 – Blue geometric
3c Green, bold deep blue strike.

Image 158 – Negative “79”
3c Green, full strike. $35.00

Image 178 – Patent cancel
2c Vermilion, the pins at the center break the paper. $45.00

210 – Large Open “L"
2c red-brown, 95% strike. Ex-Blandford $35.00

210 – Star within Star
Interesting, (FC55-14) $25.00

210 – Solid Star
2c Red-brown solid star over CDS. Ex-Blandford $25.00

210 – Masonic
2c Red-brown, 90% strike. Ex-Blandford $35.00

Image 213 – Masonic triangle
2c Green, 95% strike. $35.00


Mint Stamps

  11 – Unused
3c Dull red, with three clear margins and just in at the upper left, no gum. SCV: $85.00 Net $30.00

133 – American Bank Note company 1880-82 re-issue

1c Buff, OG, NH, (graded 75). Solid impression, full perforations all around, nicely centered. With 1978 PFC and 2016 PSAG certificate. $325.00



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